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A beautiful book with knitting patterns for the whole family


R:E:D: A knitting book to raise awareness of endangered species through design. Knitted jumpers with animal motifs will start a wave of love.

A knitting book and much more.
A knitting book and an educational book.


The book shows 33 beautiful hand-knitted jumpers made by 7 International designers, focusing on 17 endangered species, each with their story

Authors: Dorte Rørmann, Polly Cevallos, Lisa Renner

17 endangered animals from
7 continents highlighted in
33 knitted jumpers, created by
7 designers from Copenhagen, Glasgow, Zürich, Sydney and Kolding

Millions of knitters worldwide who can knit the jumper, tell the stories of the animals...
But only 1 planet...


Foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall


320 pages beautiful hardcover book, FCS paper

10 $ from every book sold will be donated for animal conservation.

2,025 kg


Visit the official R:E:D website

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