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Blåne Pelsullgarn Limette 2107

Blåne Pelsullgarn Limette 2107


Diese norwegische Wolle ist etwas ganz Besonderes: hergestellt aus der Wolle des norwegischen Norsk Pellsau Schafes, einer Kreuzung aus Gotland und Spaelsau Schafen. Sie besitzt einen schönen Glanz und eine lebendige Struktur. Da die Wolle von Natur aus grau ist ( der Farbton naturgrau 2115 ist ungefärbt ) erhält man durch das überfärben eine lebendige und wunderschöne Farbpalette. Die Spinnerei wurde 1898 gegründet und ist heute ein Economusee, in dem man die Produktion besichtigen kann. 

Besonders für dickere Jacken, Pullover, Schals oder Mützen geeignet.


100gr./ 114m

Nadel Nr. 6


Maschenprobe: 14 Maschen / 22 Reihen = 10 cm


Hergestellt in Norwegen

100 % norwegische Wolle


Chunky weight Norwegian wool in a rich palette of colours dyed on naturally grey fibre from norsk spelsau sheep.

100gr./ 114m

Needles Nr. 6

100% Norwegian Wool

Spun at a family owned mill located in the beautiful town of Hillesvåg, North of Bergen. Founded in 1898 the mill is now a working museum, part of the European Économusée network. The Norsk Pelsullgarn range is spun from fibre from the Norwegian pelssau breed, which has a lustrous, grey, curly fleece with a relatively soft, fine hand. The breed is a cross between Gotland and the Norwegian heritage breed Spælsau. Dyeing the grey fibre (2115 is the natural colour) produces a beautiful palette of rich colours. Equally beautiful in colourwork and textured patterns.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk AS is a family owned wool spinning mill founded in 1898. It has been in the same family for four generations. The mill is situated on the north side of the Oster fjord, about 35 km north of Bergen.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk is a newly certified Economusée. The wool spinning mill is one of ten Economusées in Norway today. Both customers and visitors are welcome to visit the wool spinning mill to see artisans at work. Here you can experience the traditional and colorful process of wool making. Visitors can follow the whole process from the wool enters the mill till the product is finished, and can see the hard work that lies behind the finished product. 

The mill produces and offers yarn for hand and machine knitting, hand weaving and crocheting, and also carded wool for felt making. The wool and yarn are available in a wide range of qualities and colors. The production is of high quality and each product is handmade with passion and commitment. Some of the machines that are being used are over 100 years old.

The exclusive products are made out of Norwegian wool, and are handcrafted with love to bring further joy to knitters and wool enthusiasts all over the world.

Norwegian quality and tradition since 1898

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