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Baa Ram Ewe - Titus Bramley Baths

Baa Ram Ewe - Titus Bramley Baths


Eine luxuriöse und glänzende Wolle, hergestellt in Yorkshire/ England aus englischem Alpaca, Bluefaced Leicester und Wensleydale Wolle. Die Herstellung erfolgt regional und unterstützt die englische Wollproduktion, die früher einmal ganz Yorkshire geprägt hat. Hier kann man mehr darüber lesen.

Aus 100% Britischer Wolle, hergestellt in West Yorkshire.



50% Wensleydale Longwool Schafwolle

20% Bluefaced Leicester Schafwolle

30% UK Alpaca


320m / 100gr

Nadelstärke: 2,75- 3,25mm

Maschenprobe: 24 Maschen = 10cm

Handwäsche oder Wollwaschprogramm


A delicious blend of Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester wool, combined with a touch of magical UK Alpaca in homage to philanthropist and Yorkshire mill owner Sir Titus Salt. This luxurious yet authentic combination is also reflected in the shade range: deep, rich colours that evoke images and memories of a land which has such strong historic connections to wool and wool manufacturing.

Titus is spun in Yorkshire, by the fantastic West Yorkshire Spinners of Keighley.

For us, this is a dream come true: a luxurious local yarn with homely colours that supports our local industries. It makes us very happy. We hope it makes you happy too.

350 yards (320 metres) per 100g hank
50% Wensleydale 
20% Bluefaced Leicester 
30% UK Alpaca 
100% British


Hand wash

100% British wool, spun and dyed in Yorkshire

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