The Croft - Mossbank

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The Croft - 100% Shetland Tweed Aran


Hergestellt aus Wolle, die von den Shetland Inseln stammt und interessant gesprenkelt gefärbt, eignet sich diese etwas dickere Wolle hervorragend für warme Pullover, Jacken oder auch Schals und Mützen.


100gr/ 166m

Nadel Nr. 5


18 Maschen/ 24 Reihen

Handwäsche oder Wollwaschgang 30%




We are proud to present 'The Croft - Shetland Tweed' produced from 100% Shetland Island Wool.

We had long awaited the opportunity to work with Shetland Island Wool, a fibre celebrated for its fineness, warmth and strength. We were delighted to be given the chance by Jamieson & Smith of Shetland to use this fantastic fleece.

The high levels of crimp and wave in the fleece make it ideal for a hand knitting yarn. The Croft has a soft and silky handle that retains a lot of durability particularly suited to our new tweed collection.

Crofting is integral to the landscape, cultural heritage and social economy of the Shetland Islands. It bonds people and places in a unique way, preserving livelihoods and age old traditions.

Makeup - Size 100gm hanks (166 metres / 182 yards)

Tension - 24rs x 18sts - 10cm (4") sq - 5mm (US8) needles

Machine Wash 30°
Reshape whilst damp
Do not Tumble Dry