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Knit with attitude

Knit with attitude

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Knit with attitude is 10 in 2020, and it has been well more than a year since our team started working on Knit with attitude's 10 year anniversary book. It was so inspiring collaborating with so many talented designers on our collection, and I can't even begin to describe the feeling when the samples came through our door so we could see them in real life. The comforting support of our tech editor scrutinising every word and number in the pattern drafts, the excitement meeting with the printers, the enthusiasm we had planning the photo shoot, all the joy of working with people we love for such a celebratory project, which we of course would finalise with a grand party – dancing, Prosecco, fireworks and bunting, laughter, knitting and fun! A book project with, by and for our community! When announcing the upcoming book last autumn, everything seemed to come together beautifully, what a year of celebration we had planned and prepared for! But if there is one thing I have learned as an independent yarn shop owner it is that everything is unpredictable and nothing is certain in our wonderful woolly world.

In a blog post beating my own drum I wrote:
“I did not see this coming, the world being put on pause and a different reality formed for all of us. There will not be an anniversary party, there will not be get togethers and celebratory workshops - but let me assure you there will be a book! When we announced the book back in the autumn we said that one of our goals was to create something beautiful that translated the experience of being in our shop, the atmosphere, community and conversations shared on a daily basis. We wanted to bring Knit with attitude to you as a piece of us that could be kept and treasured in your home where ever that happened to be. This intention now speaks on so many more levels than when setting out to do it.

Your very own piece of Knit with attitude between the covers of a book.

136 pages
Thick quality paper.
Woven linen hard cover with removable banner.
12 designs beautifully shot by Jonna Hietala of Laine Publishing, in our neighbourhood of Stoke Newington, Hackney.

Designers contributing to the collection are: Fiona Alice, May Linn Bang, Renée Callahan, Isa Catepillán, George A Cullen, Julie Dubreux, Francesca Hughes, Eli Leistad, Noma Ndlovu, Natalie Selles, Susanne Sommer and Karie Westermann.


  • Language: English

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